Mike and GibMichael Petersen has been writing and recording music in the Chicago area since 1993. He writes, sings and plays acoustic guitar, piano, and keyboards. He co-founded the popular 90s Chicago band We the Cats and is a member of Ilk. Bassist Gibson Arlasky provides the bottom-end boom for 45 Souls, along with supersonic background vocals. Arlasky was also a member of We the Cats, and he and Petersen, as the group Still Hill, wrote, produced and recorded the soundtrack for the 2002 film Tio’s Game.

Electric guitarist Lester Moore provides lead and rhythm guitar textures and background vocals to 45 Souls first three releases, SpiralboundJackal and Dove, and Mortal Moon. Moore is also involved in several other projects, including the Lester Moore band and one of Chicago’s favorite cover bands, The Damn Hoovers.

Drummers John Spicuzza (Spiralbound) and Rob Koppensteiner (Jackal and Dove and Mortal Moon) provide exciting, solid foundations for 45 Souls. Spicuzza has played with local bands Famous Last Words, The Damn Hoovers and The Spinwheels. Koppensteiner has played with such bands as Wax Lips, Strain Busy Sky, Kampfire Kowboys, and Casually Bent.

45 Souls is a dynamic acoustic-electric rock quartet