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No upcoming event scheduled


    45 Souls Live

    45 Souls Special Acoustic Show

    Gib and Mike will perform unplugged at the closing party of the Fall Exhibition 2019 at Arts on Elston on Friday, October 11, 2019. Show...
    45 Souls Live

    45 Souls Live at Montrose Saloon

    45 Souls will play a show at Montrose Saloon on 11-2-19! We’re playing with two other great bands, Go Time! and The Spindles. Check out...
    45 Souls Live

    45 Souls Live at Martyrs’

    45 Souls will play a CD Release show at Martyrs’  on Thursday, May 30! We’re playing with two other great bands, Go Time! and The...

    Free Released April 5

    45 Souls's next CD, Free, will be released April 5 (that's 4/5, get it?). Here's a sample track from the album--hope you enjoy!
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