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45 Souls

Music Extras

45 Souls Acoustic Demo, Mike Petersen and Leo Swiontek (2002)
“Recorded on analog four-track in 2001 and released in 2002, this album of demos contains early versions of many of the songs that would eventually end up on our first full-band album, Spiralbound. The tight arrangements and performances shows that at this point in the band’s evolution, we were very much an acoustic duo, without plans to perform the songs as a full band.”

1. Miami
2. Kindness
3. Broken Hearts
4. Upon the Death of Harry Simms
5. John Sparrow
6. Crystal Green and Purple, Blue
7. Want Hope
8. Devil Working on My Mind
9. Everyone Would Know Us at All
10. We’ll Keep on Tryin’
11. You’re Wise
12. Baby Baby

45 Souls Live in 2004 at Elbo Room
“Recorded shortly after 45 Souls had finished our first album, Spiralbound, this recording demonstrates one of the bands’ energetic and enjoyable performances.”

1. Crystal Green and Purple, Blue
2. Broken Hearts
3. Miami
4. John Sparrow
5. So Fine
6. Kindness
7. Desire
8. You’re Wise
9. You and Me
10. Keep on Tryin’
11. Baby Baby

Mike Petersen Acoustic Sessions, 2006
“These demo songs were recorded at Chicago’s Joy Ride studio in the summer of 2006, mostly simple vocals and acoustic guitar recorded live. I had a bunch of new songs, several that were a few years old, and some that were among the first songs I wrote. Creatively, I wanted to clear off the desk, get out these old songs that never seemed to make it on any albums. On a few of them, Gibson Arlasky laid down some of his typically great harmonies. Many of these songs ended up on Mortal Moon and Jackal and Dove. We ended up building the album tracks around some of these takes.”

1. But If There’s a Reason
2. West of Heaven
3. Our Love
4. Secrets
5. She Needs Me
6. High Street
7. The One That Got Away
8. You’re Far Away
9. Altogether Ecstasy
10. Hard Times
11. Cheryl Anne
12. Heart Like a Wheel
13. I Can See in Your Eye
14. I Knew I Died
15. I Need It
16. Coma
17. Emma
18. Just Stay with Me
19. Lose
20. Goodbyes
21. Feel Better
22. Precious Love
23. Freight Train
24. Give
25. God in the Kitchen
26. The Whole
27. Gospel Song

45 Souls Miscellaneous Studio Work
“Here is a mixed bag of songs. Some are songs (never used) for a PBS show about bicycling (Ride, Side to Side, Spinnin’), some are messy studio fun that never quite came together (Lose, Yes I Can), and one (Redemption) is Debra “Ruby” Petritsch and I on my four-track in 1993 harmonizing our hearts out.”

1. Ride
2. SideToSide
3. Spininn
4. Lose
5. Reckoning
6. Yes, I Can

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