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Michael Petersen has been writing and recording music in the Chicago area since 1993. He writes, sings, and plays acoustic guitar, piano, and keyboards. He and bassist Gibson Arlasky were in the 90s Chicago band We the Cats.

45 Souls

Popular Chicago session player (electric guitar, dobro, and mandolin) Steve Doyle adds his indelible influence to the songs on our latest releases: Horizon, Free, and River. Electric guitarist Lester Moore provides lead and rhythm guitar textures and background vocals to 45 Souls first three releases, SpiralboundJackal and Dove, and Mortal Moon.

Session drummer (and singer/songwriter) Gerald Dowd’s amazing work on Horizon, Free, and River ground these songs with solid and always-interesting performances. Drummers John Spicuzza (Spiralbound) and Rob Koppensteiner (Jackal and Dove and Mortal Moon) also provide exciting, solid foundations for 45 Souls.

Celebrated pedal steel and lap steel performer Brian Wilke rounds out 45 Souls’ music with his unforgettable sounds on Horizon, Free, and River.

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