1. It's All Right 45 Souls 2:10
  2. It's Ok 45 Souls 1:22
  3. Lemoncholy Melon Drop 45 Souls 2:39
  4. No Thank You 45 Souls 2:25
  5. Horizon 45 Souls 2:48
  6. Honeycomb 45 Souls 2:54
  7. To the Last 45 Souls 2:03
  8. Needles and Knives 45 Souls 2:53
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45 Souls Live

It’s All Right Live at Montrose Saloon

Lucero, 45 Souls Live at Martyrs

Lucero, 45 Souls Live at Martyrs

45 Souls Live at Martyrs

In the Middle of It All, 45 Souls Live Martyrs


No upcoming event scheduled


Mike Gib and Blaise

45 Souls Recording New Album

Here’s us recording one of the songs from a recent session at Joyride Studios.

45 Souls Live

45 Souls at Montrose Saloon

Come out for the next 45 Souls gig at Montrose Saloon on Friday, May 19th, 2023

45 Souls Live at Martyrs

45 Souls Live Album Coming

We also have recorded a live album (so far untitled), and we are mixing this winter. Also, we will be recording another group...

“Michael Petersen could be Chicago’s best songwriter. From Spiralbound, one of the best records I’ve ever heard, to the wildly ambitious, 2 CD release in 2012 of Jackal and Dove/Mortal Moon, it is one great song after another. The rootsy/folk of River sees Petersen moving into a realm he seemed comfortable with in the past but in River it is upfront and intrepid. Fans of Parker Millsap and Mumford and Sons will be right at home.”
—Roland Weiss – Rock Beat International

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