Our latest release, Free, is a return to 45 Souls’ rock and pop roots. Gib and Mike, working with musicians Gerald Dowd (drums), Steve Doyle (dobro and electric guitar), and Johnny Iguana (piano), have crafted some of their finest songs to date.

  1. Bad Cat, Bad Rat 45 Souls 2:43
  2. Dear Kate 45 Souls 2:43
  3. In The Middle Of It All 45 Souls 2:00
  4. As I Was Saying Then 45 Souls 1:45
  5. It’s Another Day 45 Souls 1:20
  6. He Is He 45 Souls 3:22
  7. In the Garden 45 Souls 2:35
  8. Here with Me 45 Souls 3:04
  9. One Minute in Gloria 45 Souls 0:50
  10. Free 45 Souls 3:59


Dear Kate

Walking to the station
And you are in my eye
We’re feeling fine, sublime,
In time we are floating by

We are not late
Intended date
We drop our tokens in
And we are passing through the gate
Going down, dear Kate

We’re coming up the mountain
Back down to the sea
In every way you do seem
Another version of me

We are not late
That train don’t wait
And with the ringing, singing
We do not hesitate
To go down, dear Kate

Gone the crush above
Gone the pull and shove
All resistance is
Is a reaction
All the waiting
All our love

We’re still asleep at noon time
And rising with the moon
Sordid boon the world is too
Much with us late and soon

We are not late
No need to wait
Essentially here and there
And each and both and sooner and late
Going down, dear Kate

In the Middle of It All

Right down
In the middle of it all
Too close to call
If we’re coming out of it

Left out
At the end of it now and
I don’t know how
I’m in the middle of it all

Getting lost
At such high cost
And I toss and toss
But I’m shooting blanks again

Finally found
After running around
That I’m spiralbound
Into the middle of it all

No better place
To be so crazy
Line forms left to the right
So wait for me
No better time
To lose my mind
When I’m looking so bad
But I’m feeling so fine

As I Was Saying Then

As I was saying then
You are not alone
You inside our home
So just lay your body down
Make it alive to now
You can lay your money down
I will arrive

And as you think of me
Think how you catch my eye
How we are so alive
We two are of a kind
Of singular heart and mind
And how my heart is light
Whenever you smile
And between every night
Between every day of light
And how our love can fly 1000 miles

As I was saying then
Loneliness is rough
And our love is enough
That we lay our worries down
And we are alive my dear
So close your eyes my love
I’m already here.

It’s Another Day

A rainbow fantasy
And hyperbolic ecstasy
And it’s just another day
It’s just another day

Bleach Blonde Doris rings
She hums harmonic minor scales and sings
“It’s Another Day.”
It’s just another day

J. T. & Buster Lee
Happy hello, they leave, return, then flee
It’s just another day
It’s just another day

The afternoon, so long
Then the evening lingers out ‘til dawn
Brings another day
And another day

He Is He

There he is, he grows inside me
Day-by-day amazingly
Ease of use and use of easing
He is us while he is he

Purely free, uninterrupted
Fully formed and willful he
An empty page not yet corrupted
In fair copy of her and me

So whadaya say, what the beauty?
And whadaya say, what he will be.

What child is this here beside me
Burning bright, just who made thee?
What the hammer? What the anvil?
And will he smile his work to see?

This child’s cards are on the table
He’s laid a dime on verity
Through the guidance of his nature
Let decision guided be

In the Garden

A face
Fleeting grace
Vanishing traces slow

Don’t I know
It must go
I know

Slow down so as to see my garden
Do you see how I have tried so hard?

One time
It was all mine
By design

Now the plans
Collapsed expansion
Gains in decline

Will it all slow down come back and see my garden?
Do you see how I have tried so very hard?

Do you see how I have built this very garden?
How each part in its heart has bloomed again?

Here with Me

In the night you left me
Walked on out and down the street
In the night, you took the best
And the rest
And that half-dressed
Is here with me

Sirens howl and dip ‘round the corner
Lions roar, don’t poke the bear
You were here, now you’re there
And anywhere to
Lay your head upon a bed

And it’s come to poison
And she’s gone away
And alive, she arrives
And she lives to see the day
And she lives to see this day
And she lives

Wandering ‘round the streets at dawning
Just another lonely boy
You have taken all my joy
With all your poison
You have left your little toy

Right here
Why aren’t you here with me?


Every other poor sucker gotta break with Sunday
Every lying wonder gotta face his Monday
I’m taking mine on a railway line
You’ve seen the last of me

I’m traveling down on a one-way highway
Measure all a life on existence one day
Cannot measure up in any meaningful cup
You’ve seen the best of me

Each place displaced in a slippery slide
And every face replaced on a stranger tide
There’s nothing in my hand but rough pebbles and sand
You’ve seen the rest of me

So come around, come around, come up, come down
Or leave it all behind or collect what’s mine
There’s nothing in this heart but this lonely alarm:
This is free

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Release Date : 04/05/2019
Format : CD