Our new release, Horizon, is a smash hit! This bang and pow collection of eight pop rock songs will get you moving. Gib and Mike, working with musicians Gerald Dowd (drums), Steve Doyle (dobro and electric guitar), and Brian Wilke (pedal steel) have created one of their best albums yet!

  1. It's All Right 45 Souls 2:10
  2. It's Ok 45 Souls 1:22
  3. Lemoncholy Melon Drop 45 Souls 2:39
  4. No Thank You 45 Souls 2:25
  5. Horizon 45 Souls 2:48
  6. Honeycomb 45 Souls 2:54
  7. To the Last 45 Souls 2:03
  8. Needles and Knives 45 Souls 2:53


It’s All Right

Well, it was love at first infatuation
In the midst of a disturbing situation
Let’s give another chance
To this fledgling romance

And all the wonderful, strange
Bumps and changes
Struggling to understand
The crazy stages
No way to rise above
This dangerous thing called love

And you know that it’s no crime
To be alive in this our time
And no need to fight something oh so right
And you notice every day
You let your heart to have its way
That every little thing is gonna be all right—OK!

Well, at first romance infatuation
And a second chance post-disturbance stage
And third it changes and it swirls
Try to understand just who’s that girl

And what a pleasant present discovery
Connection disconnection recovery
Then the doubt, the sex, then trust, it’s all right

It’s Okay

So, you’re tired tonight
No need for me to start a fight
Sleep is gonna get it right
It’s OK

And when there’s happiness
And ease for your worried mind
Then there’ll only be the kindness
It’s OK

It’s ok that you love me
It’s ok that you’re mine
It’s ok that we’re happy and
It’s time for feeling fine

And when there’s happiness
And ease for your worried mind
Then there’ll only be the kindness
It’s OK

Lemoncholy Melon Drop

When every day is just the same
And your heart just isn’t growing
How can you see what’s almost there
And where you’re really going anyway
All that senseless, endless denseness
Wish the whole world would just go away

It’s hard to know your left from right
From wrong that’s left you reeling
Depression suppressing
Any feeling anyway
Haunted, hunted, trapped, and stunted
Then suddenly it’s OK

I’m sucking on a lemoncholy melon drop
And that happy feeling won’t stop
Not falling, now you’re rising
Realizing all’s OK

Any dark corner of
The mind is contemplated
After living in a busy world
And you’re so isolated anyway
It’s hard to cope at the end of your rope
But hope can make it OK

Now it’s lemoncholy melon dropping time
And everything just sparkles sunshine
And you’re rising and not falling
All the world is calling you

Now it’s lemoncholy melon dropping time
And all the world is in the sunshine
And now you recognize
And you’re not at all surprised
That everything will be OK anyway

No Thank You

I don’t wanna drive into the middle of the desert
Just to find you and buy you
Another cool drink that you’ll down
Without even a thank you

I don’t wanna sail over the ocean with the notion
Just to spot you and throw you
Another line down that you’ll take
Without even a thank you

I don’t wanna fly into the blue sky of the heavens
Just to grab you, nab you
Drag you back down to the ground
Without even a thank you

You’ve taken every hand I’ve offered
Right away from me
It’s as if every favor’s free
I’ve given this and that
I might or may both night and day
But you’re welcome anyway

And I just wanna walk us to the middle of a mountain
Just to tell it, to yell it
Make it all crash down
With no thank you


She’s given beauty, and she’s given sight
She’s given grace, she’s given might

She moves in every way like candlelight
She moves in yellow, moves in white

Moonlight dances on your skin tonight

And so it seems we lie side by side inside our dream
Our joy rising in a scream toward the horizon

Peach nectarine moon and dried-blood maroon
Especial green in every hue
The mighty black and deeply violet blue
Against the candlelight of you

Starlight seems not so far tonight

The heavens dip, rose petal brushed against my lip
Along our dream we glide we slip toward the horizon


O, Innocence there is a fence
Surrounding your precious essence
It’s a kind of a dream state where there’s no hate, we all cooperate,
And we’re all so happy in love

How about the letters sent to let her make her feel a little better
How about the boys on the telephone who call her at her home,
Call her honeycomb
But wasn’t she happy alone

And now people, giving all my love to you
And now people, the way I see, there’s still plenty left for me
And she’s happy in her home, in her honeycomb

How about the time I’ve spent alone
I’ve had so much of myself now I’m fully grown
How about the laughter and my moans in my honeycomb
And aren’t I happy alone

And now people, giving all my love to me
And now people, in my view, there’s still plenty left for you
And I’m happy in my home, in my honeycomb

To the Last

Right over near the fantasy
Right before the why
Is a comfortable queue
You climb into
Where you lie when you lie

Lazily slip your days along
Carelessly into the past
Will your head bob up in reality
Rushing past very fast?

And over inside your corner
And echoing like this song
There lie are the certainties
You have known all along

Left here after the malady
Left before it could pass
And looking at the face of destiny
It won’t last, it can’t last

Now, hastily slip your days along
Rushing first to the last
‘Til you see all lies before you
From the first, to the worst, to the last.

Needles and Knives

Don’t know how to tell you
That you might believe
No way I can compel you
Make you need to believe in me

Parallel in a hot-house hell
Universe of the strange
Intel that’s made to sell
A range of fallacies rearranged

Don’t know if I can take it
But who knows in a different life
And it’s terrifying just to be here
In the storm of a zealot’s eye

Here we are in our silence
On each side of the divide
Round & round and punching down
‘Til the day when all knowledge dies

Don’t know if I can take it
I don’t know if there’s another life
Only know I can’t fake it
Only know needles and knives

I just don’t know how I can tell you
How to agree on a lie
There’s is that which can compel you
Or the storm in the zealot’s eye

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Release Date : 10/04/2022
Format : CD